General Manager

About me

I love to solve problems and find innovative solutions for my players and team. My enthusiasm for the game and my dedication to providing the best gaming experience for my players is what drives me. I take great pride in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.


Staff Managment

I possess exceptional leadership skills in managing and running a team, displaying a high level of motivation and guidance, as well as an ability to delegate tasks and motivate the team to reach their goals. My commitment to achieving optimal results is commendable and has been proven successful in the past.


Community Managment

I have excellent community management skills, excellent communication, and use creative and engaging methods such as polls and events to foster a positive and interactive relationship with the community.


Internal Managment

I am skilled at managing the internal parts of a game, such as troubleshooting bugs, providing customer support for purchases, and other managerial tasks. I am organized and detail-oriented, which helps me to ensure that the internal workings of the game run smoothly.

Previous experiences

ToxicMC | Owner

I had extensive work in managing communications and working with staff and community organisation. I have a proven track record of effectively delivering ideas and suggestions to aid in the development, which have been successfully implemented

Astronia | Staff & Community Managment

I had a substantial job in managing both staff teams and organising meetings. I have also been responsible for advertising for the server alongside contact with users.

MelonPvP | Staff Managment

I took lead in the staff team, handling meetings, and being in charge of promotions and demotions of personnel. I have successfully organised projects between the community and staff. I have also been praised for my ability to streamline processes, enhance workflow, and increase overall efficiency.

Keen to hear what others think?


Owner of MelonPvP

"Jensen is one of a kind. He was so devoted and professional I couldn't imagine running a server without him. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a manager."


Founder of PurpleCity

"It was a pleasure collaborating with Jensen; he was dedicated and highly proficient. I strongly endorse him as an ideal candidate for a managerial position."


Owner of Astronia

"Jensen has always been an exceptional colleague and a friend of mine. He has shown an expert level of skill and professionalism in his field of work! Could not vouch enough for this man!"

Lets work!

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